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voidsy 3D V-ROX

The voidsy 3D V-ROX is the first compact and intelligent photothermal tomography system that enables 3D imaging of hidden material and structural defects.

Ultra-compact Active Thermography

The 3D V-ROX system with a overall weight of less than 5 kg, enabling the system to handle complex measurement and inspection tasks manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically.

Reduction of inspection costs

The system is up to 80% faster in use and more cost-effective than conventional testing methods in many industries.

Production Optimization

The embedded computation unit and a cutting-edge signal processing technique enable the first inline-capable thermal tomography of highly integrated components.

Hard Facts

  • Compact Sensor: 423 mm x 270 mm x 130 mm

  • Spatial/Depth resolution: up to 660/100 μm

  • Inspection area: up to 400 mm x 300 mm

  • Overall weight: <5 kg

Power supply:

  • 2,3 kW @ 230V/50Hz or

  • 4,2 kW @ 400V/50Hz


  • 1GBase-T IEEE 802.3ab

  • Auxiliary Connector

Thermal Thomography

Case Study - Impact damage: The damage of composite materials caused by impact events reduces dramatically the structural integrity of safety-critical components. This damage often is not visible during visual in-service inspections in aviation!

3D Damage visualization

Using the very latest signal processing methods

Quantitative defect size

Due to the high accuracy no additional inspection method is required

Reduction of inspection & evaluation time

Due to numerically optimized postprocessing
web trans defect

Result: 3D defect visualization after impact damage in carbon fibre reinforced plastics, for straightforward delamination detection.

Funded by tech2b and Preseed - Deep Tech of the BMDW and the BMK, handled by aws.
This project is funded by the FFG. www.ffg.at

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voidsy v rox service in lab

Lab tests

voidsy gmbh provides a wide range of services to its customers for thermographic material and components testing, from initial prototype test reports to batch measurements. Having more than 15 years of experience in measurement and testing technology combined with a highly qualified staff (EN ISO 9712 Level 3), one of our strengths is the consulting service for your inspection task.
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voidsy v rox service on site

On-site inspection tasks

With our mobile systems, we offer fast and cost-effective solutions for your on-site inspection tasks. Our services cover on-site data acquisition, data processing, development and set-up of the test equipment as well as evaluation and analysis.
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voidsy v rox training

Education & Training

We offer many years of experience in training and education of testing personnel according to EN ISO 9712 and advanced training in the field of basics, instrumentation and application of active thermography for various product sectors.
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