Next generation quality assurance

At voidsy, we are developing a novel system for non-destructive materials and component testing in the aerospace industry and numerous other industries. This innovative form of quality assurance is non-destructive and can be performed up to 80% faster and more cost-effectively than standard inspection methods.

The advantages of voidsy technology

Contactless and

Based on
active thermography

Determination of absolute
defect sizes

No secondary inspection method required for defect quantification

Reduction of inspection & evaluation time

Due to innovative

Significant cost reduction for quality assurance

70 % more cost-effective than state-of-the-art inspection

voidsy 3D V-ROX

The contactless, fast and imaging method for non-destructive material or component testing (NDT).

Compact, light & smart

The compact hardware simplifies the use on various types of equipment and machines.

Universally usable

Manual, semi-automatic or fully integrated - the voidsy 3D V-ROX fits your requirements.

Easy to interpret results

The comfortable visualization of the results enables the simple localization of damages and the precise determination of their properties.

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That' s voidsy

voidsy gmbh is an innovative deep-tech startup founded in 2022 by Dr. Holger Plasser, Dr. Günther Mayr, Dr. Gregor Thummerer and DI Gernot Mayr. The founders have 15 years of experience in the acquisition, management and financial planning or execution of industrial and cooperative research projects. Click below to meet our team and learn more about us.

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This project is funded by the FFG.

„Wir investieren nachhaltig in die Zukunft Österreichs. Unsere Förderprogramme stärken rot-weiß-rote Innovationen, sichern Know-how und wertvolle Arbeitsplätze in unserem Land. Denn nur wer heute schon an den Lösungen von morgen arbeitet, behält im globalen Wettbewerb die Nase vorn“, betonen die FFG-Geschäftsführer Henrietta Egerth und Klaus Pseiner.

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