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Who we are

voidsy gmbh is an innovative deep-tech startup with the objective to develop a compact and smart imaging system based on the non-destructive testing method Active Thermography. The founders have 15 years of experience in the acquisition, management and financial planning or execution of industrial and cooperative research projects.

Our team is certified at Level 3 according to DIN EN ISO 9712 and we are a member of the sub-committee of the Austrian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ÖGfZP).

How everything started

voidsy was founded in 2022 by Dr. Holger Plasser, Dr. Günther Mayr, Dr. Gregor Thummerer and DI Gernot Mayr. Prior to the official founding, the core team had already been conducting research activities together for several years in a Josef Ressel Center at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Wels. This was a formative time, during which both the idea for voidsy and the first contacts to important decision-makers in the industry were established.

Our Mission

At voidsy, we are rethinking the concept of quality assurance. Our goal is a flexibly applicable, non-destructive testing method that significantly reduces both the costs and the time required for component testing in various industries.

Our team

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DI Matthias Wolf
Product Development
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DI Gernot Mayr

After an excellent professional education (apprenticeship as a design engineer, advanced technical college entrance qualification), Gernot Mayr gained extensive professional experience as a design engineer, development engineer and project engineer in the field of mechatronics and mechanical engineering in various companies. Through the completion of a diploma in automation technology (focus on intelligent sensors and systems) and through ongoing university teaching activities in the field of programming and design of software prototypes, he has a in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of sensor development. Since 2018, he has been involved in research at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and is currently working on his dissertation in the field of process monitoring with active thermography at Johannes Kepler University Linz.

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Dr. Gregor Thummerer

Gregor Thummerer has received extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of mechanical engineering. After completing his apprenticeship as a metalworking technician, he was able to successfully complete the master craftsman's examination for metal and mechanical engineering. In order to gain a deeper theoretical understanding of mechanical engineering, Gregor Thummerer completed the bachelor's and master's degree program Development Engineer Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. In the course of the master's program, he also completed the basic training as a value analyst according to EN 12973. Subsequently, Gregor Thummerer enrolled for the doctoral program in technical sciences in mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, which he successfully completed in November 2021.

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Dr. Günther Mayr
CTO & Co-Founder

After graduating in 2006, Günther Mayr established the research group Thermography & NDT at the Industrial Research Center of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences. Until 2022, he has led 15 cooperative industrial research projects, each larger than EUR 100,000, with a total volume of over EUR 8 million. In 2016, he received his PhD from the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Johannes Kepler University. Furthermore, he is an active member of the subcommittee for thermography of the Austrian Society for NDT (ÖGfZP), member of the Standards Committee 147 of Austrian Standards International, and holder of the Level III certificate of ÖGfZP for thermography.

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Dr. Holger Plasser
CEO & Co-Founder

Holger Plasser has extensive entrepreneurial experience combined with a deep physical and technical understanding in the field of measurement technology in the course of his doctoral studies at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. His professional experience relates to activities as a process engineer (voestalpine Stahl GmbH), founder of an IT trading company, and as of 2017, project manager of Actemium Industrial Automation Enns - Controlmatic GmbH. In the dual educational path, he completed the study of mechatronics and business management at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austia. In addition to qualifications as a value analyst and IPMA Level D | Project Management Certification, Holger Plasser holds a thermography Level III certificate from the ÖGfZP and is an active member of the associated thermography subcommittee.