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Business description:
Development and sales of mechatronic measurement systems and associated services

VAT identification number: ATU78461237
EORI-Number: ATEOS1000127750
GLN: 9110032471363
GISA-Number: 35199748
Company registration: 587365 y
Court of registry: Landesgericht Wels
Company headquarters: 4600 Wels

Tel.: +43 7242 909900

Trade license:
Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik (verbundenes Handwerk)

Supervisory authority/commercial authority:
Magistrat der Stadt Wels

Member of:
WKO – Landesinnung OÖ der Mechatroniker

Industrial code:

Managing Director: Dr. techn. Holger Plasser, MSc

Shareholder structure:

  • Dr. techn. Holger Plasser, MSc 25%

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dr. techn. Günther Mayr 25%

  • Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Gregor Thummmerer 25%

  • Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Mayr 25%

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