Photothermal tomography in aviation

In the ENGEL organomelt process, thermoplastic fibre composite preforms – for example, thermoplastic sheet and UD-tapes – are formed and functionalised in a single integrated step. For example, reinforcing ribs or assembly elements are moulded immediately in the same mould after thermoforming using a thermoplastic from the same matrix material group as the thermoplastic sheet. This not only enables a highly efficient and fully automated production process, but also contributes to the circular economy. The consistent thermoplastic mono-material approach facilitates subsequent recycling of the parts.

The integrated thermoplastic process has become popular in the lightweight composite sector due to its low unit costs. Due to legal requirements, non-destructive testing (NDT) is mandatory for many aerospace parts. With the 3D V-ROX, voidsy gmbh provides the first thermal tomography system for non-contact, fast and cost-efficient imaging material and component testing.

To showcase the wide range of applications in both the aerospace and automotive sectors, two different material systems were processed alternately during the JEC World 2023. On the one hand, thermoplastic sheets with a PEEK matrix are being overmoulded with a PEEK, while, on the other, PPA-based thermoplastic sheets are being processed in combination with PPA. With the inspection system, voidsy gmbh presents an attractive and interesting Alternative to conventional inspection systems, whereby clearly the compact design enables easy automation. The non-contact, large-area and thus very fast system 3D V-ROX enables the 3D detection of hidden defects and flaws despite a high reduction of inspection costs.

Please find detailed information about the voidsy 3D V-ROX HERE.