Mobile in-service testing of aluminum honeycomb core structures

V-ROX im In-Service Einsatz

In July 2018, the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH) detected the occurrence of debonding of the aluminum honeycomb core from the surface layer in the area of the AB212 tail boom. Since the ÖBH did not have a practicable and meaningful test method available, new NDT procedures were tested. Taking into account the existing material combination, its joining technology and the given component geometry, it was decided that the affected area of the tail boom should be tested for its condition in the installed state using active thermography. This component inspection by means of active thermography on the AB212 was intended, on the one hand, to verify the detachments detected and, on the other hand, to assess whether this procedure is appropriate and, therefore, whether its introduction in the Austrian Federal Armed Forces is considered reasonable. The voidsy 3D V-ROX system fulfilled all criteria of the the Austrian Armed Forces: Detection of bonding defects from cover layer to honeycomb core on the front and back side of the structure and the mobile design and simple application in the field. Especially the clear defect indication convinced the NDT department of the ÖBH.