Delamination of plated sheet metal

Probe aus walzplattiertem Blech mit eingezeichneten Delaminationen

Roll clad plates allow the combination of a low-cost base material and a corrosion-resistant cladding material. Applications range from chemical apparatus engineering, gas and oil industry to seawater desalination plants. Various quality problems can occur in production, with delamination being the most common type of damage. In this case, the two layers become detached, resulting in a two-dimensional separation. In order to detect ...

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Mobile in-service testing of aluminum honeycomb core structures

V-ROX im In-Service Einsatz

In July 2018, the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH) detected the occurrence of detachment of the aluminum honeycomb core from the surface layer in the area of the AB212 tail boom. Since the ÖBH did not have a practicable and meaningful test method available, new NDT procedures were tested. Taking into account the existing material combination, its joining technology and the given component geometry, it was decided that the affected ...

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Jet ski hull test

Usecase Jetski

The voidsy 3D V-ROX system was used for the first time by a premium jet ski manufacturer. This innovative non-destructive testing system was able to provide new insights already during the development phase of the novel jet ski hull made of composite materials. Due to the high sensitivity, the bonding of the composite outer layer with the honeycomb core could be precisely localized and evaluated. This information, which was previously inaccessible ...

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FFG General program for voidsy!

It is our great pleasure to share with you the next exciting chapter in the voidsy gmbh success story. The recent efforts of our dedicated team have borne fruit and we are proud to announce that we have been able to acquire a base program from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the mid 6-figure range. The support of the FFG ...

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Photothermal tomography in aviation

In the ENGEL organomelt process, thermoplastic fibre composite preforms – for example, thermoplastic sheet and UD-tapes – are formed and functionalised in a single integrated step. For example, reinforcing ribs or assembly elements are moulded immediately in the same mould after thermoforming using a thermoplastic from the same matrix material group as the thermoplastic sheet. This not only enables a highly efficient and fully automated production process, ...

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